Past Exhibitions

  • 2009 New Art Exchange Nottingham¬†
  • 2008 Nottingham Trent New Contemporaries¬†
  • 2008 Nottingham Trent MA Exposition
  • 2004 Leicester City Galley Open Exhibition
  • 2003 Leicester City Gallery Open Exhibition
  • 2002 Leicester City Gallery Connect 02
  • 2001 Mall Galleries London

I have taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions, showing paintings, photography and video works. I have also completed many private commissions. My paintings are owned by people around the world and anyone who has lost touch with me and owns some of my work please send me an email.

Since 2009 I have sold my own work rather than exhibit. You can only paint so much and exhibitions are time consuming and not always your best showcase. At the moment I am not taking on commissions and am enjoying making paintings to put on my website.