For my Masters Degree 2007/2008 I explored video work as well as painting.
Technology was moving very fast and being used increasingly by artists. 
I was following my son Stephen around the world with his Motor Racing and had a video camera in my hand more than a paintbrush.
I made a series of videos documenting racing and my own reactions to it. I found it very challenging and was amazed to be awarded an MA with Distinction. Following this the work was shown at The New Art Exchange and Nottingham Trent University. 
In 2009 I was commissioned by Meckow International to make a series of videos in Malawi documenting the need for water purification and the benefits of their filtration system. 
I do believe that as a woman with a very small camera I got shots that a larger crew would never have been able to get. Again challenging work but very fulfilling.
Recently I have used video to document my art projects. I'm still learning and things are changing all the time.

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